256 page graphic novel published by Jonathan Cape

By Anna Mill (artist/writer) & Luke Jones (writer)

Square Eyes takes place in a near future in which the delirious excitement of the digital spectacle has been drawn tight over the crumbling remnants of the old world. A city that is simultaneously a bright and enticing mirage and a machine that is gradually falling apart.

Fin was a brilliant young inventor, fêted for her radical advances in Augmented Reality and the technological interface between mind and machine. Or at least, that’s the way she remembers it. But since returning to the city after recovering from a serious accident, nothing is quite the way it should be. 

Now, marooned in a digital purgatory in which her identity, history and place in the world have all vanished, she has to rely on friendship and resourcefulness to uncover the mystery of her own past in a city full of secrets of its own.

The narrative artwork manipulates colour tone and the format of the page. Drawing influence from Edmund Dulac, Winsor McCay, Moebius and Katsuhiro Otomo, it switches between the simplicity of traditional pencil drawing and rich digital colour, contrasting the lushness of the virtual with the faded textures of a forgotten material past.

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